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Flight cancellation compensation  - Claim up to 600 Euro from airline
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Your compensation in case of a flight cancellation

If your flight was cancelled, you have extensive rights as a passenger. The amount you are entitled to depends primarily on the distance between the departure and destination airports.

If you were informed of the cancellation less than 14 days before departure, you are entitled to up to €600 in compensation.

Amount of compensation in case of cancelled flight - Claim 250 to 600 Euro based on flight distance from airline
€250 per passenger
0 - 1,500 km
€400 per passenger
1,500 - 3,500 km
€600 per passenger
+ 3,500 km
New York
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Own enforcement

You have to pay the lawyer and the court even if you do not receive any compensation.

Low success rate
Requests from private individuals are often ignored and rejected in the event of formal errors.
High risk of costs
If your case goes to court, you will have to pay court costs and usually also lawyers' fees.
High effort
Legal knowledge, paperwork & lots of emails - the time required is usually very high.
No help
Airlines rarely help you. You will not receive any updates about your case.

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most important questions about flight compensation with fine.

Where can I find my flight number?

The flight number consists of the 2 digit code of the airline and a 2-to-4 digit code of the flight. You can find the flight number on your booking confirmation or your boarding pass.

Example: The flight number EW 9049 is the flight 9049 from Eurowings.

What costs will I incur?

You will only incur costs once we have successfully claimed your compensation. A small percentage of your compensation will be deducted as commission.

How long can I claim my compensation?

The limitation period is governed by the German Civil Code (BGB). In Germany, you can claim compensation for flights retroactively for up to 3 years. You are therefore welcome to submit older cases to us.

Can I also submit claims for other passengers?

Yes, you can submit claims for all persons affected. This also applies if you were not a passenger yourself. 
Compensation is always entitled to the traveller themselves. This is important if the trip was booked and paid for by someone else.

What documents are required?

To review your case, we initially only need a document that proves that you booked the flight in question. This can be either the booking confirmation or the boarding pass. You can upload the document as an image or PDF via our user portal.

How long does it take until I receive my compensation?

It usually takes around 3 months from submitting your claim to receiving your compensation. However, depending on the individual case and special circumstances, the period may be longer. We will keep you updated on the status of your case.

Flight Cancellation - Your Right to Compensation

Flight cancellations are a common occurrence at airports and a major annoyance for passengers. Fortunately, EU law grants passengers extensive rights to receive compensation for cancelled flights.

What Legal Basis Does Your Claim for Compensation Rest On?

The rights of passengers in the event of flight cancellations are regulated by the EU Air Passenger Regulation 261/2004. This regulation, adopted in 2004, aims to protect travellers in cases of flight cancellations and extends comprehensive rights for flight compensation. Originally focused on cancellations, the regulation was later expanded to include delays (Learn more about compensation for flight delays here).

When Is It Considered a Flight Cancellation?

Flight cancellations refer to different scenarios. On one hand, flights that are completely cancelled count as a cancellation. 

On the other hand, flights that take place earlier than scheduled (i.e., brought forward) are also legally considered a cancellation under certain conditions. For flights departing more than 1 hour earlier than planned, travelers may also have a right to compensation.

When Are You Entitled to Compensation?

When it comes to the question of when you are entitled to compensation in the event of a cancelled flight, the basic rule is: If you were informed of the cancellation less than 14 days before the scheduled departure, a claim for compensation may be possible.

Additionally, it is crucial how many hours earlier the flight departed or arrived at the destination.

The following table provides an overview of when a claim exists:

Time Before Departure Departure/Arrival of Alternative Flight Eligibility for Compensation
> 14 days before Departure and arrival time not relevant No
< 14 days before No replacement flight Yes
7 - 14 days before Arrival < 4 hours later No
7 - 14 days before Departure < 2 hours earlier No
7 - 14 days before Arrival > 4 hours later Yes
7 - 14 Tage vorher Departure > 2 hours earlier Yes
< 7 days before Arrival < 2 hours later No
< 7 day before Departure < 1 hour earlier No
< 7 days before Arrival > 2 hours later Yes
< 7 day before Departure > 1 hour earlier Yes

How Much Compensation Are You Entitled to for a Flight Cancellation?

If your flight is cancelled, you initially have a right to an alternative flight. If no alternative flight was offered, you can demand a refund of the ticket price.

The above table indicates whether you are entitled to compensation for the inconvenience caused.

If the review of your case confirms an existing claim, the amount of compensation you can receive depends on the distance of your flight.

  • Short distance (<1,500 km), for example, Berlin - Munich, the compensation is 250 €.
  • Medium distance (1,500 to 3,500 km), for example, Berlin - Madrid, the compensation is 400 €.
  • Long distance (>3,500 km), for example, Berlin - New York, the compensation is 600 €.

How Long Are Your Claims Valid?

The limitation period for claims related to flight issues varies by country. In Germany, the limitation period is regulated by the Civil Code (§§ 195, 199 BGB).

This results in a limitation period of 3 years. The period always ends at the end of the year. This means: For a flight cancellation in May 2023, the claim exists until December 31, 2026.

In other countries, such as France, longer periods of up to 5 years may apply.

Generally, we advise you to file claims as soon as possible. Especially smaller airlines may no longer be in the market years later, and you may no longer receive compensation.

Additional Rights You Have in Case of Flight Cancellation

Refund of Ticket Costs

A flight cancellation can be frustrating. Often, neither a replacement flight nor rebooking is offered. In these cases, you can demand a refund of your ticket price. You have this right for all flights that start or land at airports in the EU. 

Remember: You are not obligated to accept a voucher. You have the right to demand a payout.

Refundable ticket costs include:

  • Price for the flight
  • Costs for seat reservations
  • Costs for baggage

Care Services during Long Waiting Times

In addition to the refund of ticket costs, you are also entitled to care services from the airline. In case of long waiting times, you are entitled to free meals:

  • Short distance: from 2 hours waiting time
  • Medium distance: from 3 hours waiting time
  • Long distance: from 4 hours waiting time

If the waiting time exceeds 5 hours, you can cancel your flight free of charge and demand a refund of the ticket costs.

If your replacement flight takes place the next day, the airline is obligated to offer a hotel stay, including transfers to and from the airport, regardless of the flight distance.

Exceptions: No Claims in Case Of Extraordinary Circumstances

Airlines can only be obligated to provide compensation if the flight cancellation is their fault. In cases of extraordinary circumstances, airlines are generally not responsible for the flight cancellation.

For example, if

  • Strikes by ground staff
  • Severe weather
  • Natural disasters or
  • Political unrest

are demonstrably responsible for the cancellation, there is no right to compensation from the airline.

Important: However, you should not be discouraged too quickly by the argument of extraordinary circumstances. Many airlines quickly resort to this argument to absolve themselves of their obligations.

We still recommend submitting your case to us for review. Because airlines are obligated to consider all possibilities for the quickest possible transportation. This includes transportation with another airline as well as travel by bus or train.

Through our system, we have access to extensive datasets and can check whether airlines have done everything in their power in cases of extraordinary circumstances.

If this is not the case, we can recover your money for you.

What to Do if Your Flight is Cancelled?

In the event of a flight cancellation, thorough documentation is crucial to later assert your claims. We recommend following our tips below. By doing so, you increase your chances of successfully claiming full compensation from the airline with us.

  • Contact the airline staff and get written confirmation of the flight cancellation
  • Keep all receipts for expenses during the additional waiting time
  • Ask the airline to provide snacks and drinks for very long waiting times. Insist on your right if the staff should refuse.

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